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Battle of the Mind

It’s okay to not be okay. Sickle Cell not only affects you physically. Checkout this incredibly raw discussion on SCD and mental health

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Like Fine Wine

This panel has been deemed “life changing” by the sickle cell community. Tune in to hear from these incredible women, thriving well pass the life expectancy for SCD.

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Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Kim Smith-Whitley sits down with Medical advisor, Dr. Wanda Whitten-Shurney as they interview Mrs. Eloise Whitten on her passion for education, family planning, and reproductive health.

Learn more about our Founder and CEO, Teonna Woolford and how her pain pushed her into purpose in this interview with international celebrity advocate and host of Painless Universal, Ann Welsh.

Hear more from our CEO and board chair, Dr. Ahmar Zaidi about the vision and mission of SC RED

Teonna sits down with Cassandra Trimnell of Sickle Cell 101 and Kimberlin Wilson-George for an inspirational conversation about the good, the bad, and the ugly of undergoing bone marrow transplants. Mrs. Wilson-George was the first sickle cell warrior to be cured after receiving a bone marrow transplant in 1983.

Members of the SC RED team were honored to participate during the Roland B. Scott Symposium at Howard University

At the 2020 Sickle Cell Disease of America convention, Dr. Smith-Whitley and Teonna Woolford participated in a panel discussion on clinical trials.

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“In private my privates are swelling full of regret

For you its a passion, you feel a sexual gain

For me it’s agony I feel uncontrollable pain”

– An excerpt from warrior advisor, Blaze Eppinger’s poem on dealing with priapism. 

Axis Advocacy Podcast

Our CEO sits down with Adrienne Shapiro to discuss SC RED’s mission, year one plans, and excitement for this new era.