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Have you noticed a shift in the atmosphere, a change in the narrative, or an overall new energy and sense of urgency to effect change and address inequities in the sickle cell community? Individuals with sickle cell disease are viable and whole. To honor that wholeness, reproductive health has to be prioritized, normalized, and standardized. Be sure to follow us on social media and check this page for updates.

My Fertility Options

Dr. Kim Smith Whitely, Teonna Woolford, and April Green share their stories and answer many of the questions associated with sickle cell disease treatment and curative options as they impact fertility, to better inform patients of their options. The trio discuss the possible risks and benefits associated with transplant compared to treatment options as well as how the disease impacts fertility.

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Axis Advocacy Podcast

Our CEO sits down with Adrienne Shapiro to discuss SC RED’s mission, year one plans, and excitement for this new era.